What does Tick Catcher™ do? 

  • Tick Catcher™, finds and traps even the smallest of ticks BEFORE they bite.
  • Tick catcher™ reduces risk of disease


Why the Tick Catcher™?

  • Decrease your risk for tick borne illness
  • Live a healthier life
  • Helps promotes good tick checking habits
  • Reduce worry about tick borne illness 
  • Protect your family and pets


What is Tick Catcher™?

  • 5” by 8” mitts double sided adhesive paper mitts 
  • Sticky mitts conform perfectly around legs, arms, unlike rigid rollers
  • Major problem solver-ticks are super small and difficult to see
  • Build in door hanger, to serve as important reminder to tick check as recommended by the CDC 
  • Non toxic and eco-friendly
  • Deet and permethrin free
  • Tick Catcher™ donates to tick borne illness research and education


WHO needs Tick Catcher™

Anyone who spends time outside, especially hikers, gardeners, parents. Children enjoy playing, “stick a tick” and learn about tick checking and healthy living.

Product Description:

Every parent, hiker, gardener, and anyone spending time outside can now provide extra protection from tick bites which can cause Lyme Disease with NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Ticks make you SICK!  Invented by a RN, mother and pet owner, who was determined to find those tiny, disease ridden ticks. Press down on clothes and/or fur and catch!

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